Destroy the Infinite reviewed

destroy-the-infiniteNick Briggs penned and directed Destroy the Infinite in which the Fourth Doctor (with Leela) meets The Eminence for the first time. Listeners already met The Eminence in our past and the Doctor’s future in The Seeds of War and Dark Eyes 2 – this is par for the course in the Doctor Who universe!

Given the set-up, how complicated was Destroy the Infinite?

The story

Everything we need to know is summarised on the product page:

The colony planet Delafoss is occupied by the army of a rapacious alien force known only as the Eminence. These slave armies of terrified humans are commanded by the dreaded Infinite Warriors – impervious to most forms of firepower, voices like icy death.

The Doctor and Leela arrive expecting to find Earth’s most successful, unspoiled colony. Instead, they are confronted by a planet choked by industrialization. And at the heart of it all, the construction of something that the Eminence intends will wipe out all human resistance once and for all.

For the first time in his life, the Doctor confronts the Eminence… and things will never be quite the same again.

The story moves at great pace: we are introduced to the Eminence, the Doctor and Leela arrive, make contact with  the resistance on Delafoss, meet most of the participants, get separated, attacked, shot, put for execution, possessed and so forth. As we know from Seeds of War the Doctor wins this encounter but that never stops the listener enjoying the show.

The storytelling

In style, and as Nick explains in the interviews at the end, this is very influenced by a whole host of World War II dramas and Boys Own  tales. We have very British space fleet, rebels, a melodramatic Eminence (David Sibley) and a vast swathe of action that could easily have occupied several releases. To me listening it continually felt like Star Wars in terms of Death Star battle scenes which as no surprise as both are influenced by the same set of earlier films.

[pullquote]Sometimes we just want to be entertained[/pullquote]

Although we already met the Eminence there is no timey-wimeyness to this which I think is a good thing. Sometimes we just want to be entertained and Destroy the Infinite does this in spades.

I really enjoyed it – what about you? Let me know!

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