Are Planet 55 headed to Cardiff?

55Digging around on the ZDNet (Australia) site leads to an interesting interview with Austen Atkinson (see Exterminate: Doctor Who animator threatens Australian exit). Not only is this an interesting piece on the impact of bandwidth particularly in that part of the world but also one about markets and labour.

Why is this relevant?

Planet 55 Studios has made several animated re-constructions for newly located missing episodes of Doctor Who and so this is of interest. Speaking purely as a consumer this is possibly only of passing interest – as long as the odd animation happens we maybe don’t care about how precisely it gets done. Obviously if lack of bandwidth delays the release of a DVD that is a different matter.

Digging deeper though it is worth noting the company is owned by Jason Haigh-Ellery who also owns Big Finish Productions. This would be an interesting move in that respect:

  • Would being in the UK mean synergies with Big Finish? Ninth Doctor spin-off in the style of Night of the Whisper? Animated Big Finish classics…
  • What about Australian Big Finish fans? Could Planet 55 one day also house and allow Australian fans to have titles to download from a more local server or even posted out locally?


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