Special Offers for June!

Special Offers for June!

You can’t leave Big Finish alone for a moment! I just posted on the DWM special sale with DWM 448 (here) and now they announce more goodness for June. Apart from impending bank balance damage this may tip me towards a splurge on some random Companion Chronicles despite my earlier “I’ll get some subscriptions one-day” attitude. What next!

Fantastic special offers on the way…

June will be a month of special offers at bigfinish.com, with a series of two-days offers appearing throughout the month

It all begins at 6pm on Friday June 1st until 8am on Monday 4th June, with a celebration of the nomination of three Big Finish productions in the Scribe Awards, which honour excellence in media tie-in writing.

The three Big Finish nominees are:

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The Many Deaths of Jo Grant
Katy Manning plays Jo, in this story by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott. The CD and download will be on offer for £5.

Dark ShadowsThe Lost Girl
Kathryn Leigh Scott plays Josette, in this story by D Lynn Smith. The CD and download will be on offer for £5.

Highlander – Series Two Box Set
Valentine Pelka, Richard Ridings, Marcus Testory and Peter Wingfield return as The Four Horseman. The episode All The King’s Horsemen by Scott Andrews has been nominated. The boxset and download will be on offer for £20.

Also, June 5 and 6 will see an astronomical phenomenon called the Transit of Venus… In recognition, Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The Transit of Venus will be available on CD and download on these two days for just £5. The story is performed by William Russell as Ian Chesterton, and the acclaimed script is by Jacqueline Rayner.

Further exciting special offers for June will be announced soon!

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