DWM 448 Special Sale

DWM 448 Special Sale

Tucked away in this weeks (released May 20 2012) DWM #448 (the Ian Chesterton cover) is not only the code for the free download of the Revenants (as mentioned here) but also the same code gets you access to a very different Big Finish sale – this one lasts until the end of August! The theme is also ‘something of everything’ as far as I can tell. Oh, and those of you crawling the web (and upping my read count thanks!) please buy your own copy – £4.50 and the wonderful Revenants for free with some decent articles, how can you go wrong?

Anyway, the sale comprises the following (each at £5, no bundle price):

  • Companion Chronicles:
    • Here There Be Monsters: The First Doctor with Susan, Ian and Barbara (Series 3, story 1)
    • The Memory Cheats: The Second Doctor with Jamie and Zoe (Series 6, story 3)
    • The Doll of Death: The Third Doctor with Jo (Series 3, story 3)
    • The Pyralis Effect: The Fourth Doctor with Romana #2 (Series 4, story 4)
  • Main Range:
    • Circular Time: The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa (#91)
    • The Nowhere Place:  The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn (#84)
    • Night Thoughts: The Seventh Doctor with Ace and Hex (#79)
  • Other:
    • Situation Vacant: The Eighth Doctor (Eighth Doctor Adventures Series 4 Story 1 [reviewed here])
    • Shada: The Eighth Doctor with Romana #2 and K9
    • The Tao Connection:  Sarah Jane Smith

An interesting mix covering lots of topics with several temptations. A churl might mention that Shada is always £5 and the CC’s with series pricing are not a lot more, however as a range of temptations that will be around until the end of August I think Big Finish should be congratulated.

Roll on the Summer Sale!

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