Situation Vacant

Following Death in Blackpool there is a vacancy in the TARDIS to accompany the Eighth Doctor, and what better way to fill it than testing out four new candidates Apprentice style! Needless to say this story is a lot of fun and allows Paul McGann great licence to trot out his best Lord Sugar impression.

That with a smattering of monsters, robots and challenges makes for some great listening.


Absolutely full credit has to go to Alan Barnes who follows Death in Blackpool with another tremendous piece of writing. Here whilst acknowledging that Lucie Miller has moved on, the Doctor soon finds himself involved in a recruitment exercise involving four very different candidates for the post of new assistant, and there are more secrets to be uncovered than in a typical Edwardian detective mystery. The set-up keeps you guessing all the way through and you are tempted to be too clever by trying to spot other characters who might be better suited to being the new assistant.

Meanwhile we have aliens, disappearing scientists and giant robots all presenting challenges to the candidates. In Lord Sugar style Paul McGann’s Doctor helps the candidates through before the final reveal and introduction of a new companion.

Last Thoughts

As an experience I enjoyed this so much I listened to it twice; first pass once I spotted the emerging Apprentice spoof I was chuckling all the way through. I won’t give away the end, suffice it to say that all the candidates are great and I didn’t remotely spot who the winner would be.

Lucie Miller may be gone, but the Eighth Doctor continues in style!

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