Dalek Comic strips from the ’60s being reprinted

I won’t just repeat someone else’s post, but I do like the image! Read the article here on The Doctor Who Companion: DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVELY REPRINTS THE 1960S DALEKS COMIC STRIPS. +++ Message Ends +++

Stuart Manning’s Thirteenth Doctor design

The latest DWM is out (you might have noticed, it has a certain Jodie Whittaker on the cover!) and Stuart Manning has created a gorgeous Thirteenth Doctor design for it. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++

DWM 500 day

May 28, 2016 and it’s a return to the Copthorne Hotel in Slough (not Windsor, despite the name). I’d been there for a few Big Finish Days, so found it hard to resist comparing the two events, despite their natural differences. I made a few notes, took a few pictures and chat to a few…

DWM 500 cover revealed

And it’s just perfect! Not long to wait now! This was from the Doctor Who Magazine twitter feed. If you look there you may also spot some of the other items in this week’s bumper edition. *** Message Ends ***

Vote for your favourite DWM cover

As part of the celebration of 500 issues (next month), Doctor Who Magazine is running a survey to find the best cover. It is in tranches of 50 and you can vote for your five favourites. Mine is the issue 15 cover to the left. The vote can be found here: Welcome to the Doctor Who Magazine covers…

The Legacy of Shayde

In the most recent Tiny Rebel Games newsletter is a reveal of three new characters coming to the game to coincide with the 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Two of these I was aware of, the third is Shayde (pictured left in The Stockbridge Horror comic strip). 

First Date for River Song and the Eighth Doctor in DWM 495

A great Big Finish themed cover (and no doubt some spoilers) for this weeks DWM #495. The picture to the left was revealed yesterday on the Doctor Who Magazine twitter feed. Roll on March and Doom Coalition 2! +++ Message Ends +++

Stuart Manning explains TARDIS translation for DWM

If you visit often, you will know I am a big fan of Stuart Manning’s posters for Doctor Who and other things he has done. I was wandering around his FaceBook page (Design by Stuart Manning) and found this great poster explaining how TARDIS translation works. The full size version is on his page and the…

Celebrating 500 issues of DWM

Next year, DWM reaches issue #500. To mark the event they are holding an event in Slough at the Copthorne Hotel, current favourite venue for Big Finish Day (see you in two weeks at Big Finish Day 7).

Colin Baker interview and cover of DWM #489

DWM has tweeted the cover of this week’s Doctor Who Magazine #489 and it’s all about the Sixth Doctor. The interview is timed to lead into the Big Finish regeneration story for Colin Baker, and should make a good read ahead of Big Finish Day 7! <-> Message Ends <->

DWM 486 – some interesting snippets

I know the latest Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) is only just out, and I have yet to read mine but some snippets are already being widely reported. From the cover we see Sylvester will be talking Seventh Doctor, and the Radio Times on DWM 486 mention Moffat talking about where Missy might sit in the Master’s timeline (before Simm?)…

The Art of Doctor Who from DWM

Regular visitors will know I am partial to good quality art. This means I am very interested in a new title from DWM: DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE SPECIAL: THE ART OF DOCTOR WHO. I have to admit to rarely buying the specials, but I will make an exception for this one.