New Trailers (July 2011)

Eleventh Doctor Series 6 Part II trailers

Just to keep us excited the Beeb have released a new trailer and a guide to the rest of the series. You need to pop over to the Official Dr Who web site to check it out properly but suffice it to say we have Angels, Silence, Cybermen and eye patch River Song to eagerly await!

There is also a mini-episode guide, promising us:

  • Let’s Kill Hitler: is apparently about teaching his adversaries that time travel has consequences. I hope this pans out well, I do feel that Hitler is an odd choice for a character though for most of the audience he is many generations ago
  • Night Terrors: I liked Mark Gatiss’ Unquiet Dead though not so much Idiot’s Lantern. We are promised that staple of a young child who is scared of something secret
  • The Girl who Waited: this would have been young Amy Pond last series, but now it could well be young Melody
  • The God Complex is much trailed and features a hotel, a minotaur of some sorts (Nimon anyone?) and may well be a fans’ favourite
  • No name as yet but does feature the return of The Lodger‘s Craig Owen
  • And finally another nameless episode where (we assume) the Doctor gets killed and will hopefully be slightly more plausible (if that word can be used!) than last season’s Big Bang.

Not sure where eye-patch River will appear, my guess is Girl who Waited.

See you there!

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