Welcome (back) to Red Rocket Rising

Observant regular visitors will notice this blog has undergone a dramatic facelift. The look and feel may be simpler, but the end result means I can spend time blogging and not worrying about the techie stuff. All the posts are still here, but there may be some odds and ends I need to tweak, and it…

Now wait for midnight…

There are rumours, more rumours and in the case of Doctor Who, even omni-rumours. The latest says something will be announced just after midnight tonight (6 September 2016). I have heard various ideas as to what this might be; missing episodes, a push for the Christmas special, and my favourite is the one where a young…

Red Rocket Rises into the Cloud!

A techie aside — my blog was moved to cloud based hosting on April 6. This should mean nothing to anyone reading, but do let me know if you spot something. It’s the same supplier, just more reliable and possibly faster! If you’d like to chat about UK hosting, get in touch! — Message Ends…

Red Rocket Rising now on FaceBook

I’ve joined the ranks of blogs that copies posts to Facebook and I have a shiny new Facebook page to show for my efforts: Red Rocket Rising on Facebook. If you prefer to hang out there feel free to comment and get in touch. Don’t forget I’m also on twitter @r3whovian. +++ Message Ends +++

1,000 posts and counting!

I have just noticed I have now produced over 1,000 posts on Red Rocket Rising – not bad when you consider it originated as a few Doctor Who posts on an experimental blog covering everything from IT to football! Now it’s like a sweet shop full of everything including books, TV, audio, comics and games.

New twitter feed for the blog: @r3whovian

Those of you using twitter might like to follow @r3whovian a feed set up just for this blog. It will follow back and tweets every post on this blog plus retweets other things from various Who sources. My personal feed is still @helmstone and I’m happy to have followers there – it also has non-Who tweets and…

New Blog Background

In case you can’t read circular Gallifreyan, the new background on this blog reads: TONY JONES RED ROKKET RISING. I learned that the letter C doesn’t exist in doing this — not useful perhaps!

The Red Rocket Rising Gazette

I’ve launched a newspaper accompaniment to this blog. Over on  paper.li it’s called The Red Rocket Rising Gazette. It gets updated weekly and you can subscribe or watch my twitter feed @helmstone. If you don’t follow me on twitter, please do!

That was 2013 – blog statistics

2013 has been a busy year on Red Rocket Rising and has set a high bar for 2014. This post is a quick summary of WordPress statistics – if you aren’t that bothered feel free to skip. Still here? Thanks very much!

Themecrash – update on the blog

Apologies if you aren’t over fussed as to what mishaps I have with the blog (the content is all fine) but I thought I would give you another update. I had what I have decided to call a themecrash (see Themecrash: theory versus practice for all the gory details). For now all you need know is that I…

NEWS – Blog theme change

Apologies if anyone is confused but I had a problem with the theme for my blog (the sidebars died) – this is as the theme was rather old and I updated WordPress, I wasn’t hacked. Things may be fluid for a few days;-)

Thank You! Red Rocket Rising – one year on

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has visited my blog in the just over a year since I moved it to a self-hosted platform at redrocketrising.com. In that time there have been way over 40,000 views and I now have over 500 posts published. November 2013 was (surprise, surprise) the busiest ever…