The Doctor goes back to Cambridge – twice!

Over on the Radio Times blog there’s a post announcing Doctor Who stars Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann to address Cambridge University Union. Amongst a host of other names the actors that played the Seventh and Eighth Doctors will be opening and closing a run of talks between May and June.

The Eighth Doctor returns … if only!

DoctorWho TV have this picture tweeted by Paul McGann showing Paul in Eighth Doctor costume in the most recent TARDIS. They go on to suggest that this is nothing more than an opportunistic photo taken during filming of Night of the Doctor. This hasn’t stopped many fans suggesting that Paul McGann might be appearing alongside Peter Capaldi in…

Details for Big Finish Day 4

If you’re still unsure about visiting the Copthorne Hotel (pictured) tomorrow, Saturday January 18th 2014, then have another look at the Tenth Planet event webpage. There are updates on the guests (no Niky Wardley) and also details of the programme of events (highlights follow)

The Night of the Eighth Doctor

If you’ve come here and not watched The Night of the Doctor then stop and go and do it. Go to the BBC website. Go here. Go now. Back? Good. So – every wild speculation and hope just got considered and now you have more questions. You’re bubbling with excitement. Remember, this is all just context…