Eighth Doctor top titles from the Radio Times poll

We’ve had the past three Doctors, and this week step up Paul McGann as the Radio Times reveals the most voted for main range titles. The winner is no surprise, I’m pleased at the second and thought the fourth might have come second. Details below (spoiler — look at the picture!)

Doctor Who: Echoes of Extinction — double vinyl release

Big Finish has revealed another part of Time Lord Victorious, this time it’s a vinyl release for two Doctors. We’ve linked adventures for Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. The vinyls can be listened to in either order! The Big Finish press release follows below.

Big Finish announces more Jacobi vs McGann

Big Finish has announced details of two new boxsets featuring Sir Derek Jacobi’s War Master vs Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor back in the Time War. Releases are scheduled for October 2020 and August 2021. Full details below.

This week’s #lockdownload is Dark Eyes: The Great War

Yes, it’s the turn of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor to join the list of great #lockdownload titles from Big Finish. Each way a download is available to users of the Big Finish app, with an accompanying sale. Details below..

Terrance Dicks talks to the BBC

Following the death of Terrance Dicks’s last month, fandom has been remembering him in different ways. I never met Terrance, though we did go to the same college (albeit 26 years apart!) I don’t have a favourite TV story of his, and given he was involved in script editing more than 150 episodes, his influence…

The McGannzine Issue One

Back in the depths of early Big Finish Doctor Who main range, one Kenny Smith (he who now produces the Big Finish Vortex magazine) produced a fanzine. It’s 44 pages long, was released May 2001 and covered the whole of the first run of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor for Big Finish. If you ever get…

War Master 3: Rage of the Time Lords review on CultBox

I’m fast becoming a huge fan of the Derek Jacobi War Master boxsets, and Rage of the Time Lords is no exception to that trend. We get the addition of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in this set, and while most welcome, I do feel these sets stand with just the War Master at the centre….

Celestial Toyroom 493 celebrates the Eighth Doctor

Members of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society with a special interest in the Eighth Doctor are in for a treat with the latest issue 493 of The Celestial Toyroom. Free to members, this issue has been extended to a huge thirty pages to fit in all the articles, and I understand some had to be…

Science of the Time Lords

If you can get to Leicester anytime over the weekend of 26-27 January 2019, why not pop along to the National Space Centre? Not only is it an interesting place in its own right, but (for the fifth year in a row I think) it wil be hosting a Doctor Who packed event Science of the Time…

Eight Doctor vs The War Master

Big Finish has announced the details for two more War Master boxsets, and the first of these puts Derek Jacobi up against Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in The Rage of the Time Lords. Producer and Director Scott Handcock had this to say: This incarnation of the Master is very much the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ of Time Lords –…

The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller announced!

After some heavy hinting from Nick Briggs on Twitter, Big Finish has announced The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller. Details are in the news item Lucie Miller returns! Quick summary: four stories in a July 2019 boxset, set in the gap between the first and second series of the original Lucie Miller Eighth Doctor adventures.