Ianto’s Shrine – March 2017

I was in Cardiff, wandering around the Bay on a lovely sunny day in March 2017 and visited Ianto’s Shrine. For those who don’t know (and there might be some), this is a fan memorial to the passing of Torchwood’s own Ianto Jones. If you want some background (and a good article), try this on CityMetric: The…

Torchtastic news!

So, now we now: Jackie Tyler is appearing in a Torchwood title alongside Captain Jack; yes it’s the secret behind the pictures of Camille Coduri and John Barrowman that were all over social media a while ago. It’s a special called The Lives of Captain Jack released in distant June 2017. Four stories set all across Jack’s life…

Torchwood: Broken review

With a now familiar, and relentless, pursuit of perfection, Big Finish has released another superb Torchwood release in the form of Broken. Stand up Joe Lidster and take a well-deserved bow for this tale of Ianto Jones and his early relationship with Jack Harkness. Gareth David-Lloyd and John Barrowman in one release — is there room for any…

Torchwood: Fall to Earth review

As Gareth David-Lloyd says, right at the start, The Twentieth Century is when it all happens, and Ianto Jones is ready. Yes, it’s the second story in the new Torchwood range, Fall to Earth by James Goss, and Ianto is falling to his death on-board the SkyPuncher for its inaugural private space flight. Get out of that one, Ianto!

Ianto Jones returns

Great news today from Big Finish: TORCHWOOD: IANTO JONES WILL RETURN IN OCTOBER. Yes, Gareth David-Lloyd is back in role in a James Goss story and it will be here in October. We also learn the rest of the series follows montly, moving it all forward from the previous January date. Fantastic news! -=- Message Ends -=-