The Return of DI Menzies

The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker), Charlotte Pollard (India Fisher) and DI Patricia Menzies (Anna Hope)Call me strange, but in the huge announcement for The Legacy of Time I’m almost as excited to see DI Menzies is back as any of the other great ideas we know about so far. Yes, it’s good to have Charley back with Sixie, but I’ve long wanted DI Menzies to return. And we’ve still to wait until July 2019 to hear this epic boxset.

DI Menzies is back

For me, DI Menzies is one of those proto-companions (whatever that means!) who never travelled (so far) in the TARDIS permanently, but is part of the Doctor’s circle of influence. I wrote about the possibility of more DI Menzies in a 2017 piece about Anna Hope returning to Big Finish (Could DI Menzies return?)

The idea of someone like Menzies has a lot going for it; as we’ve seen in Torchwood, a police liaison can prove invaluable. I don’t see Menzies in Torchwood  in the near future (though if Scott Handcock wants to get in touch, I’ll happily pen something!), but she could also be on the fringes of UNIT.

Does her return mean more in the pipeline? I hope so. She’s met Flip already, maybe a Constance/Flip/Sixie story. How would she get on with the Eighth Doctor? Lots of possibilities.

July 2019 can’t come too soon!

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