Could DI Menzies return?

Anna HopeWith the news Anna Hope is appearing in the newly announced Tales of New Earth, I wondered – Could DI Menzies return? There’s an interview with Anna here in the 2008 Lancashire Telegraph: Doctor Who actor at convention.

If you aren’t sure who DI Menzies is, or why she needs to return, carry on…

DI Menzies

DI Menzies first appeared opposite the Sixth Doctor and Charley in a brace of 2008 stories in the main range: The CondemnedThe Raincloud Man. She reappeared in 2011 in The Crimes of Thomas Brewster a story that also had Evelyn Smythe, Thomas Brewster and in her first appearance Phillipa ‘Flip’ Jackson. Since then she has not returned, despite some interest from fans.

At one of the Big Finish Days (I can’t remember which) it was pointed out Anna Hope was busy with her writing career (see her website: Anna Hope – Writer) and acting was not on the horizon. Now she appears in Tales of New Earth, so could she also reprise DI Menzies? I’ve asked the podcast, and I’ll let you know if I hear anything back!

UPDATE August 2018: DI Menzies will appear in The Legacy of Time!

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