DI Patricia Menzies

One of the easiest to select, DI Patricia Menzies is as solid an inconstant companion as any character who has made an appearance in Doctor Who. This Salford based detective adjusted quickly to meeting aliens and time travellers and with her police background is ideal companion material in my mind.

If you need more convincing, read on after the break


DI Menzies is one of the most obvious choices for a nearly companion for many reasons:

  • She has appeared in three Sixth Doctor adventures The Condemned, The Raincloud Man and The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
  • She has been in the TARDIS
  • She works well against the Doctor as a character
Her encounters with the Doctor have given her a position as one called in on ‘unusual’ cases and she has contacts in the alien underworld – think Torchwood style or as this is Big Finish The Forge (or I suppose Counter Measures).

Chances of a return

I would say very high – she already reappeared in Crimes but that set up a problem: Crimes occurred after Raincloud Man for Menzies but is the first time the Sixth Doctor meets Menzies. This makes it hard for her to meet the Seventh or Eighth Doctor which is  a shame as I think Anne Hope would work well with Paul McGann.

I still believe Menzies will one day manage to become a companion or at least appear again one day.


And I’ve reported elsewhere, but Anna Hope is back as DI Menzies in the special Legacy of Time release commemorating twenty years of Doctor Who at Big Finish.

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