Nerva – 30 June 2018 High Wycombe

Here’s an date for the diary, Nerva, a one day classic Doctor Who event in High Wycombe on June 30, 2018. There’s no website (yet) but you can get information if you follow The Ark in Space (@ClassicDrWho) on twitter. It’s not a public event, so you’d better get following! Some details have been provided already:

Details for Nerva 2018

Sat June 30th 2018
The Hub, High Wycombe

Welcome to NERVA.

A celebration of the visual effects designers, and other creative souls, who helped fire our imagination during the classic era of Doctor Who, 1963-1989.

As you can imagine, at this stage the schedule is in a state of flux, but we can promise a fun and informative day, with panels, speakers, visual displays of rarely seen material, a charity auction, and a generally low-key and relaxing day.

This is a non-profit event, all proceeds will be donated to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Currently scheduled to appear:

(Sculptor, mask and prop maker, 1987-1989)
Stephen’s 2013 interview with Toby Hadoke—toby-hadoke-s-who-s-round-january-2013-2

(Nothing At The End of The Lane)

(K9 assistant operator 1979-80, author The Doctor’s Effects, The Doctor’s Affect)

(Director, Thirty Years in the TARDIS, Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans, Dalekmania)

(Dalek 63-88 and The Mind Robber)

Tickets are only on sale to members of The Ark in Space Facebook group and Twitter feed @ClassicDrWho
It is not a public event and there will be no tickets sold on the door.
Ticket price: £10
100 tickets are now available to be purchased.
Another, smaller, batch of tickets will be on sale at a later date.

To purchase your ticket:
On Twitter please tweet your interest or send a direct message to @ClassicDrWho

The programme is currently scheduled to run from 10am-6pm.
Venue and map links, plus transport information will be sent to ticket holders.

There will be no charge for photos and autographs during the day, but we do ask if you are bringing items to be signed, to keep it to 2-3 items. Refreshments will be sold at the event, and there are also plenty of places to eat nearby.

Please note that guests may cancel at any time and that the line-up and schedule is subject to change. We will however be approaching quite a few more guests to join us, so we are very confident that you will have an interesting and informative time!

Any questions, please ask on Facebook or Twitter.

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