Jago & Litefoot Revival – Act One review

Corks! It’s now a massive forty years since Jago and Litefoot first met the Doctor in Talons of Weng-Chiang and here we are with an anniversary release of The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act One. To make this event something special, producer Ian Atkins has broken the mould of the Short Trips range with not both Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin narrating the same story! Not only that but it splits over two acts, covering March and April 2017. If that weren’t excitement enough, look at the cover – yes that’s the Tenth Doctor there in the background and yes, new -Who is now part of the scope of Short Trips.

The story starts with Professor Litefoot about to deliver a paper to the Club For Curious Scientific Men. What George Litefoot needs is a bit of style and experienced story-telling, so who better than his friend Henry Gordon Jago? This gives us a two-handed presentation and a thrilling half hour of pure delight. The story discusses certain adventures that befell our heroes when they were separately located in Greece and London. The story builds gently to the encounter with the Doctor just as events threaten to overtake our Victorian vanquishers of things mysterious and otherworldly.

Without the presence of David Tennant, it falls to Trevor Baxter to recreate the Tenth Doctor (and Jonathan Barnes script helps, of course), while Christopher Benjamin gets to impersonate barmaid Ellie Higson (and this with Lisa Bowerman (who plays Ellie) in the director’s seat). It’s all rather splendid!

From the use of the Murray Gold theme to a great twist near the end, this is highly recommended and roll on April! If you don’t subscribe to the range, for a mere £2.99 this is a wonderful investment, and may well turn you on to the range as a whole!

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