Jago & Litefoot series 14

Jago & Litefoot return!

Jago & Litefoot will be back in June 2021! Four new audiobook stories adapted from unmade scripts will bring more japes and jollity for our favourite Victorian investigators. Full details below…

Inferno review

My wander through Jon Pertwee’s first season as the Third Doctor (ie Season 7) comes to an end with Inferno. Some people say it’s the best story of the season, if not the whole Pertwee era; others say the Primords look like werewolf zombies. All I know is it’s parallel universe time!

Jago and Song!

Big Finish has announced two more boxsets for River Song (RIVER SONG SERIES 6 AND 7) with the news of Christopher Benjamin reprising the part of Henry Gordon Jago opposite Alex Kingston in a Paul Morris story The Talents of Greel. Excellent news! === Message Ends ===

Jago & Litefoot Series 13 review

Lumme! It’s forty years since Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot first came to our notice in Talons of Weng-Chiang and here they are in their thirteen Big Finish boxset! Still fresh and still wonderful after nearly seven years and around 60 stories. What’s the secret? Why is this set such fun? Read on! The stories

Jago & Litefoot series 12 review

With this twelfth boxset Jago & Litefoot revisits some threads from its very inception and at certain points feels as though the series might be on the brink of drawing a line in the sand or even taking a break. Fortunately (and despite the lack of cliffhanger ending), we know there will be plenty more for Trevor…

Jago & Litefoot series 11 review

I’ve already discussed Jago & Litefoot Series 11 over on Starburst, now I’d like to go deeper into the stories. As the cliff-hanger from series 10 revealed the presence of the Geoffrey Beevers Master, and the cast list includes Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, I had concerns this might be more Doctor Who than Jago & Litefoot. How did…

Jago & Litefoot Series 10 reviewed

I’ve already reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 10 on Cultbox; this is a more extensive review that goes deeper into the stories and has a bit more in the way of spoilers. Series 9 gave our heroes a sea trip to remember and introduced the character of Dr Betterman (David Warner). What treats are in store…

Jago & Litefoot meet Jago & Litefoot

In a month packed with news (or so it seems) we now have details of Jago & Litefoot Series 10 – yes the tenth series for the infernal investigators. Corks! As promised in the Series 9 extras, David Warner will be joiner Messrs Baxter and Benjamin, but there’s more; much more. Back in Blighty means more…