Torchwood on Mars and other 2020 releases

Big Finish has announced details of the most varied selection of new Torchwood titles I can remember since they started. Hold onto your hats! Sgt Andy Davidson is fresh from Baker Street and the Eighth Doctor Stranded range and here he is, back in Torchwood and on Mars! Full details follow…

Doctor Who: Third Doctor Adventures vol 6 review on CultBox

I reviewed Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures volume 06 for CultBox and be warned — I didn’t think it was up to standard for many reasons, the bulk of which are in the review. Volume 5 worked much better in my view. It’s not possible to like everything, and as a reviewer once I…

Third Doctor, Churchill and Daleks coming in May!

Coming this May, 2020 Third DoctorAdventures Volume 6. The cover gives away a lot but we now have even more details – the Brigadier is confirmed (hinted strongly on the page) as well as Sgt Benton. It’s the 1970s all over again!

The First Doctor returns to Skaro!

It’s a return to Skaro for the First Doctor, in March 2020. Big Finish has released details of The First Doctor Adventures Volume 4, with the return to Skaro and a new historical story. Details below.

Fever Island review

The second story in the second set of the Fourth Doctor Adventures volume 8 is Fever Island by Jonathan Barnes. As is often the way it serves as an interlude amongst the other stories and provides a break from the Syndicate’s activities. It is nonetheless rather splendid!

Falling review on Cultbox

I had a listen to the Jonathan Barnes Short Trip story Falling and reviewed it for Cultbox: Big Finish Doctor Who audio story reviews May 2017. It’s a nice story for Mrs Polly Jackson read by Anneke Wills, with some really nice moments. +++ Message Ends +++

Jago & Litefoot Series 13 review

Lumme! It’s forty years since Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot first came to our notice in Talons of Weng-Chiang and here they are in their thirteen Big Finish boxset! Still fresh and still wonderful after nearly seven years and around 60 stories. What’s the secret? Why is this set such fun? Read on! The stories

Jago & Litefoot Revival – Act Two review

Gadzooks! No sooner have we enjoyed The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act One, than Jago & Litefoot Revival Act Two makes an appearance. Complete with two covers (the one I’m not showing is rather a spoiler;-) the action continues at pace, as Professor Litefoot and the Tenth Doctor make haste for the TARDIS!

Jago & Litefoot Revival – Act One review

Corks! It’s now a massive forty years since Jago and Litefoot first met the Doctor in Talons of Weng-Chiang and here we are with an anniversary release of The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act One. To make this event something special, producer Ian Atkins has broken the mould of the Short Trips range with not both Trevor Baxter…

Jago & Litefoot meet the Tenth Doctor!

Massive news about the Short Trips range today. Not only do we get the first ever two-part story, but it’s also narrated by two voices. If that seems only passingly interesting, the two voices are those of Jago & Litefoot! Did I mention the story has the Tenth Doctor in it?

The World Beyond the Trees review on Cultbox

I penned some thoughts on the great Jonathan Barnes Short Trips tale The World Beyond the Trees. It’s an Eighth Doctor story read by Nicola Walker with a gentle connection to the BBC Audio Drama winner by John Dorney. The review is part of the monthly round-up I produce with Ian McArdell: Big Finish’s latest ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories…

Short Trips Damascus reviewed

August 2016 and Jonathan Barnes gave us not only an excellent Sherlock Holmes boxset, but this month’s Short Trips story Damascus. A Third Doctor story, this is narrated by Tim Treloar, and takes us (no surprises) back to the 1970s…