Farming with Doctor Who Legacy

Doctor Who Legacy Anna's PlaygroundAs part of this week’s patch, Tiny Rebel Games’s latest update to Doctor Who Legacy brought us Anna’s Playground Part 2 and some new farming levels. The newsletter gives us updates on the next version of the app (Android problems), the ability for expert allies to wear costumes for non-expert variants and some farming levels.

Next week should give expert versions of Santa, Kate Stewart, Rose and Osgood.

Anna’s Playground

This is a set of special levels aimed at young players whoo may have difficulties playing. They are simplified but still fun.

Farming levels

A great idea and I was going to post about it being flawed in execution; between playing yesterday and today the main complaint from fans has been fixed! The idea is challenging (L40) fan areas with low experience but each tuned to give many more fragments of a single colour. The first version didn’t give enough fragments but this has been fixed.

There are other levels good for farming (eg Whisper levels for black fragments, Apalapucia for green) but this idea is sound. A few more waves and more opponents and these will be a godsend next time I have a new companion I am struggling to get from L30 – L40. Is it only me that finds that band the least interesting to play?

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