Farming with Doctor Who Legacy

As part of this week’s patch, Tiny Rebel Games’s latest update to Doctor Who Legacy brought us Anna’s Playground Part 2 and some new farming levels. The newsletter gives us updates on the next version of the app (Android problems), the ability for expert allies to wear costumes for non-expert variants and some farming levels. Next week…

Last Christmas reviewed

Christmas Day 2014 gave us the latest Doctor Who Christmas special, this one another Steven Moffat piece – Last Christmas. Now the dust has settled and the mince pies have been consumed it’s time to consider this in the round. If nothing else it was entertainment and answered (if we needed such a thing) the Is Clara Leaving? question.

One Last Christmas thought

A thought ahead of Last Christmas — everyone has focussed on the seasonal elements, the elves. the resemblance to The Thing (from another World) / Alien but I just wonder something. What if this is another Narnia retelling? Let’s remember the less than brilliant The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe. Back in 2011 there were lots of great…

Last Christmas – time for all the family

As I noted on Starburst (Airtime Revealed for DOCTOR WHO’s Christmas Episode) the 2014 Christmas special, Last Christmas, will air at 6.15 in the evening, UK time.

BBC’s Advent 2014

In the interest of balance, it’s not just Doctor Who Legacy marking advent for the Doctor but also the BBC themselves. Of course things aren’t simple – it’s called the Adventure Calendar, but it is still a daily set of treats.

Santa Who

As part of the 2014 Children in Need show, the BBC gave fans a short clip from the 2014 Christmas special. Apart from confirming that Clara will be returning (and suggesting that time has passed for her at least) it also gives us a lot more Nick Frost and a good look at his wisecracking elves.