Santa Who

Clara and Santa from Doctor Who Christmas SpecialAs part of the 2014 Children in Need show, the BBC gave fans a short clip from the 2014 Christmas special. Apart from confirming that Clara will be returning (and suggesting that time has passed for her at least) it also gives us a lot more Nick Frost and a good look at his wisecracking elves.

From the clip it seems neither Clara nor the Doctor believes this is Santa and we get some wonderful lines from the elves reversing the whole Santa real / not real (FYI: of course he’s real – where do the presents come from otherwise?) concept.

At the end of the clip Santa (let’s call him that) strongly implies he is on the Doctor’s side – what is happening here? Will it be left ambiguous?

Remember the end of The Doctor Dances (written by Moffat) when the Ninth Doctor claims to Rose that he is Father Christmas? The plot thickens!

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