The further legacy of season 8

Legacy Missy and CybermanThis week’s Legacy newsletter marks a massive uptake in new players and a code to give some season 8 costumes along with some time fragments (one of each type). There will be a bit more new content this weekend including a re-visit to Time Heist, a meeting with Miss Delphox and a fan version of the Teller from that story.

There is also a new level based on UNIT, a Brigadier pack in the store and the fan areas will all generate 150% experience. They will also be moving to patch Thursday not late Sunday as is now.

Further afield, the game is a year old and there is much to look forward to in December with a new Advent calendar!

No other news – my guess (and that’s all it is) is we will start to hear news of season 5 in the next month and I predict a release in January. Of course there will be a level based on the Christmas special – I am sure of it!

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