Thoughts ahead of Mummy on the Orient Express

Twelfth Doctor on the Orient ExpressLots to speculate about ahead of this week’s Mummy on the Orient Express. We know Foxes will be appearing as a singer and Frank Skinner will have a part as Perkins. No Clara but a mention for Danny Pink. There is also the small matter of the mummy to consider in this Jamie Mathieson story, and John Sessions as Gus (whoever he is).

I suspect Foxes is there on merit as a singer, and this will remind people of Kylie’s appearance in the TARDIS in Voyage of the Damned as Astrid Peth. Her character is just called singer in the credits so I assume she is just that. Let’s hope she isn’t just hostess in the style of the character from Midnight.

Frank Skinner’s Perkins intrigues me more – wouldn’t it be great for a semi-cameo appearance to actually have Frank as the main villain? Perhaps Mr Sessions will be the bad guy? My money’s on Frank being a key character, good or bad.

I’ve seen little about the Agatha Christie element, nor linking back to the Unicorn and the Wasp. Will this actually be a remake of the classic in all its glory?

I also suspect Danny Pink will be in a scene at the start rather than travelling with the Doctor.

Not long ’til we find out!

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