Nu-who – thank you for the music

The Sea Devils (Radio Times Pic)Even if you don’t like the labels Classic Who and nu-Who you know what they mean. I don’t want an argument over which is better but they are clearly different in production terms if nothing else. This includes marketing, budget, modern effects, high-definition recording and so on (ie anything else I can’t think of). How much of the impact of the recent series is down to the music? What would an earlier episode of Doctor Who be like with a Murray Gold soundtrack?

The music

Well, now you can find out. Over on you can find an article linking out to a short edit of the Third Doctor story The Sea Devils (and here’s a bonus Radio Times review and the source of the image above). The effect is quite startling (as is the impact of the edit). The article is here: Classic Doctor Who With Modern Doctor Who Music Is Strangely Perfect – let me know what you think! I found it strangely compelling in places, which may be conditioning from the Murray Gold melodies.

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