Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society

If you’ve an ear for electronic music with the faintest of connections to Doctor Who you might try the Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society. So far they have two titles available, the eponymous one shown left and another titled Wow and Flutter. %%% Message Ends %%%

The Sound of Big Finish: interview with Robert Harvey

Music and sound maestro Robert T Harvey kindly spared some of his time to give some insight into the world of a composer and sound designer, and discussed some of his work with Big Finish. It’s a fascinating read…

Doctor Who theme from Player Piano

This is a wonderful rendition of the theme on a TARDIS coloured grand piano by a talented pianist. Look out for the costume changes! Enjoy!

Nu-who – thank you for the music

Even if you don’t like the labels Classic Who and nu-Who you know what they mean. I don’t want an argument over which is better but they are clearly different in production terms if nothing else. This includes marketing, budget, modern effects, high-definition recording and so on (ie anything else I can’t think of). How much…