Some thoughts ahead of Into the Dalek

Twelfth Doctor and Dalek from Into the DalekThe BBC has stepped up its promotion for the Twelfth Doctor‘s next story, Into the Dalek. If you visit the episode’s page on the BBC website, you will see the newest mini-trailer (And this is your patient…) and the focus is all on the Daleks, the Doctor and the space mercenaries (my name) who feature in this episode. I note that something is being overlooked…

[pullquote] Is there a descendant of the Doctor’s in the wings?[/pullquote]

This is also the episode in which Danny Pink appears, and further scrutiny of the credits shows that Clara is back at school. This is, for me, the more intriguing aspect of this episode – is the new Doctor following a reset of the First Doctor‘s arc? Does it start with Coal Hill (yes I’m overlooking Deep Breath) and then move onto the Daleks with two teachers in tow? Is there a descendant of the Doctor’s in the wings?

Is Susan waiting for us somewhere in the next few weeks? (She could easily be the ‘woman in the shop’ rather than Miss Delphox or the ‘gatekeeper’ seen at the end of Deep Breath.

I expect more to unfold and all my ideas to be wide of the mark. Still, like the infinite monkeys, there are enough fan theories for some of them to be correct!

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