The R3 Main Range 126 – 150 Collector’s Guide

Main range 126 - 150This time I hit September 2009 with my condensed guide to the Big Finish Main Range releases. If you found this by change you might want to start with The R3 Main Range 1-50 Collectors GuideAs ever this is meant as a reference and you might want to bookmark the page in case you are still collecting.

How it works

My definitions are:

  • Classic – must have, great stories
  • Essential – you need this to follow a story arc, or for some other reason
  • Good – the best stories
  • Interesting – this has one or more features that make it worth listening to.

The titles

Release Title Guide Notes
126 Blue Forgotten Planet Essential Charley leaves the Doctor (again)
127 Castle of Fear
128 Eternal Summer
129 Plague of the Daleks
130 A Thousand Tiny Wings Essential Klein is back!
131 Survival of the Fittest & Klein’s Story Good Klein’s story is wonderful
132 The Architects of History Classic A brilliant alternate history
133 City of Spires Good Jamie and Sixie!
134 The Wreck of the Titan Good Jamie and Sixie!
135 Legend of the Cybermen Good Jamie and Sixie and Zoe!
136 Cobwebs Essential Nyssa is back
137 The Whispering Forest
138 The Cradle of the Snake
139 Project: Destiny Essential The Forge and a massive Hex story
140 A Death in the Family Classic Possibility the best story ever
141 Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge
142 Demons of Red Lodge
143 Crimes of Thomas Brewster Essential The introduction of Flip
144 Feast of Axos Good Axos returns!
145 Industrial Evolution
146 Heroes of Sontar Good Fun with the Sontarans
147 Kiss of Death Interesting We learn more about Turlough
148 Rat Trap
149 Robophobia Good Liv Chenka appears
150 Recorded Time Good Some nice short stories


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