The R3 Main Range 51 – 75 Collectors Guide

BF 51 - 75 mashupThis is a sequel to my post The R3 Main Range 1-50 Collectors Guide and has been produced following the first ever sale in the 51 – 75 range. As per the previous post this is intended as a reference and you might wish to bookmark this page (and the previous) if you are still building up your collection.

The details

There are a lot of blanks: some of these are ok but for me others are amongst the weakest stories Big Finish has produced (I won’t name them). I’m sure that for every story I don’t like I can find a dozen people who claim it as one of the classics so feel free to form your own opinions! The Divergent Universe arc is in this set of releases and I reviewed those in the snappily titled The Divergent Universe arc reviewed.

My definitions are:

  • Classic – must have, great stories
  • Essential – you need this to follow a story arc, or for some other reason
  • Good – the best stories
  • Interesting – this has one or more features that make it worth listening to

Main range 51 – 75

Release Title Guide Notes
51 The Wormery Good An interesting introduction to Iris Wildthyme
52 Scherzo Good / Interesting Dark but wonderful
53 The Creed of the Kromon Essential This introduces the Divergent Universe and C’rizz
54 The Natural History of Fear  Good A superbly performed piece showing off the actors skills
55 The Twilight Kingdom
56 The Axis of Insanity
57 Arrangements for War  Essential This, with Thicker than Water tell how Evelyn leaves the Sixth Doctor
58 The Harvest  Essential Hex joins the TARDIS and a great story
59 The Roof of the World
60 Medicinal Purposes Good David Tennant and body snatchers
61 Faith Stealer
62 The Last
63 Caerdroia Interesting Three versions of the Eighth Doctor
64 The Next Life Essential A big story that rounds off the Divergent Universe arc 
65 The Juggernauts
66 The Game Good One of those stories you hear and think ‘that was rather good’
67 Dreamtime
68 Catch-1782 Interesting A twist in time for Mel
69 Three’s a Crowd
70 Unregenerate!
71 The Council of Nicaea
72 Terror Firma
73 Thicker than Water  Essential This is the rest of the story from Arrangements for War
74 LIVE 34 Interesting An experimental narrative style that will stay with you
75 Scaredy Cat

Feel free to let me know where you disagree!

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