Sue Chesterton joins the TARDIS! (April Fool)

Chesterton WrightAs part of the next series of Doctor Who there will be another new companion; this time it’s fifteen year-old schoolgirl Sue Chesterton. As you might guess from the surname Sue (full name Susan!) is Ian Chesterton’s granddaughter. No word yet on casting but we do know how Sue gets involved with the Twelfth Doctor.

Sue Chesterton

[pullquote]echoes of An Unearthly Child[/pullquote]

Sue (or Susan) Chesterton is the daughter of Ian and Barbara’s son John Alydon Ganatus Chesterton. She grew up with her grandfather’s stories of alien worlds and time travel but as she grew up decided that they were fairy stories made up to explain all the strange happenings in the world. This all changed when a new English teacher started at her school (Coal Hill of course) named Clara.

Sue’s interest is piqued when Clara makes various comments that remind Sue of her grandfather’s stories. She follows Clara to the site of what had been a local junk yard but is now flats and garages. She sees Clara enter an old blue box and in echoes of An Unearthly Child bumps into the Doctor who refuses to open the TARDIS. Clara of course opens the door, calls Sue by name and the pieces all click into place. Once on-board Sue objects to sharing the TARDIS with two teachers and when Clara and Danny leave has the Doctor to herself (until the end of the season at least).

Thoughts – does the Doctor need a younger companion or is this too similar to the show’s origins? I think this could work but let me know your opinions.

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  1. Mink says:

    This is the most cruel April Fools joke I’ve ever seen. 😀


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Sorry about that Mink – I’ll try to be less cruel next year!


  2. Simon Wood says:

    On her first journey in the TARDIS the Doctor takes her back to 1957 to witness the spaghetti harvest.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Works for me!


  3. Robin says:

    This is what I’ve been fearing since it was announced that there will now be two Coal Hill teachers. This is not a sweet tip of the hat to the old days! It’s blatant copying of the original TARDIS team and will convince the BBC there’s no more stories for DW to tell and we all know what happens when the BBC gets it into their head that a show’s story is over. A second generation companion would be great, but not like this. This had better be an April Fool’s.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Robin – panic over, indeed it was merely a whim of mine. Apologies if I caused your blood pressure any problems


  4. Charlieboy says:

    She goes back in time to kill Steven Moffat!!!


    1. Tony Jones says:

      I think I’ll I pass on that comment – seems a bit drastic


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