Netflix taking over Doctor Who — my April Fools for the DWC

You might find some amusement in the April Fool story I did for The Doctor Who Companion in which I talk about Netflix taking over the show… It’s here: NETFLIX TO CO-PRODUCE DOCTOR WHO’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL — THEN TAKE OVER THE FRANCHISE [UPDATED]. I hope it amuses. After all, it could never happen, could…

The Mirror’s nine worst Doctor Who stories

The UK’s Daily Mirror may not be your normal source of Doctor Who reading, but this week they pulled out all the stops. If you haven’t read it, pop over now and treat yourself to the definitive list of the 9 worst Doctor Who stories of all time. Please read it until the end, then come back and let…

Doctor Who April Fools 2014

I hope everyone was amused or at least briefly entertained by my Sue Chesterton story. If not I apologise. I will of course do better next year. There were several spoof stories around yesterday and I collect some below. I’ve ignored the various spurious missing episodes rumours.

Sue Chesterton joins the TARDIS! (April Fool)

As part of the next series of Doctor Who there will be another new companion; this time it’s fifteen year-old schoolgirl Sue Chesterton. As you might guess from the surname Sue (full name Susan!) is Ian Chesterton’s granddaughter. No word yet on casting but we do know how Sue gets involved with the Twelfth Doctor.