Two Peri Short Trips announced

Over on FaceBook Big Finish has announced details of two more Short Trips releases: a Fifth Doctor and Peri story by Tony Jones called Rule Book and a Sixth Doctor and Peri story written by Dan Starkey called The Authentic Experience. And yes that is me on the left at Moat Studio watching as Lisa Bowerman and Nicola Bryant brought my…

Notes from Big Finish Day 8 #bfd8

Another fascinating day in Slough among Big Finish fans at Big Finish Day 8, writers, actors, musicians and everyone in between. A densely packed stream of talks in the main room, lots of things to buy (focussed on recent boxsets) and plenty of people to catch up with. I made notes of various talks and…

Some Audio Visuals resources

For some time (years) I’ve meant to post a bit more about Audio Visuals. Finally I have something to note regarding these fan-based Doctor Who audio dramas in which Nick Briggs played the Doctor, and Nigel Fairs his companion.

Elliot Chapman: Playing Ben Jackson Part II

In Playing Ben Jackson Part I, Elliot Chapman (shown dressed as Sixie at Big Finish Day 7) talked in great depth about approaching the role of Ben Jackson and gave a unique actor’s insight into how Michael Craze originally performed with the First Doctor. In this second part Elliot talks about Ben’s time with the Second Doctor, and Jamie….

Elliot Chapman: Playing Ben Jackson – Part I

Actor Elliot Chapman has attracted some attention among Big Finish fans for his casting as Ben Jackson in the Early Adventures range. If you’ve heard The Yes Men, you will know how good a job Elliot made of the role; he was sensitive to Michael Craze’s performance without being a slavish copy.

Sue Chesterton joins the TARDIS! (April Fool)

As part of the next series of Doctor Who there will be another new companion; this time it’s fifteen year-old schoolgirl Sue Chesterton. As you might guess from the surname Sue (full name Susan!) is Ian Chesterton’s granddaughter. No word yet on casting but we do know how Sue gets involved with the Twelfth Doctor.

Red Rocket Rising – why is it called that?

As you may know I named this blog in honour of the planet Red Rocket Rising in the Steve Lyons Eighth Doctor  story Blood of the Daleks. That’s the story of this blog, but where did Steve Lyons get the name from for the story? Is it a reference to the first single by the band BeForU?

Is Jago & Litefoot Steampunk (or indeed Doctor Who itself)?

I recently heard a comment made on one of the Big Finish CD Extras that Jago & Litefoot wasn’t steampunk even though some stories had some similarities. This got me thinking – is there anything to this idea? Clearly some people think that there is something in this for Doctor Who in general given that…