Doctor Who and the Daleks by David Whitaker review

Reading the David Whitaker adaptation of Doctor Who and the Daleks allows the reader to go back in time to the very earliest days of the show. Historic context bears repeating: we had no DVDs, recording, streaming, or any other way to watch a show again. Once broadcast it was over. Enter the novelisation.

Jemma Powell to reprise Barbara Wright for Early Adventures

Announced today at Big Finish Day 5, Jemma Powell will be playing Barbara Wright in forthcoming Early Adventures. You may remember seeing Jemma in An Adventure in Time and Space where she also played Barbara. This joins the announcement of Elliot Chapman as Ben Jackson as more re-casting of actors no longer with us.

Domain of the Voord reviewed

Andrew Smith kicks of the brand new Early Adventures range with the story Domain of the Voord. This is a First Doctor story over two discs and includes  a full cast (Daisy Ashford, Andrew Dickens and Andrew Bone) alongside William Russell and Carole Ann Ford.

Sue Chesterton joins the TARDIS! (April Fool)

As part of the next series of Doctor Who there will be another new companion; this time it’s fifteen year-old schoolgirl Sue Chesterton. As you might guess from the surname Sue (full name Susan!) is Ian Chesterton’s granddaughter. No word yet on casting but we do know how Sue gets involved with the Twelfth Doctor.

The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance reviewed

Moris Farhi produced the script for The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance as a calling card. He was in discussions with the producers of Doctor Who and used this to get approval to pitch his script for Farewell Great Macedon. Never intended to be filmed, Big Finish has nonetheless produced an audio version which they incorporated into…

10,000 BC episode 1 or An Unearthly Child – some thoughts

As we all know Doctor Who started in 1963 with an episode titled An Unearthly Child. This name replaced the original title for the first story (10,000 BC) and it tends to be this opening episode that gets attention rather than the subsequent three-part story. At some point every Doctor Who blog has to discuss the show’s…

Farewell Great Macedon – a classic reviewed

Farewell Great Macedon is the main story in the Lost Stories: First Doctor Box Set. Written by Moris Farhi who also originated the other story in this set The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance. The story is told by Carole Ann Ford and William Russell with John Dorney taking the part of Alexander the Great. Told over six…