Fifth Doctor trilogy for 2013 revealed

Stephen Thorne and Peter DavisonBig Finish has announced details for the Fifth Doctor main range trilogy for 2013, which will be released April – June. The article leads with the news of the return of Eldrad from The Hand of Fear and Stephen Thorne returns to the role he last played in 1976. That was of course with the Fourth Doctor.

Full details are on the Big Finish website, a summary is presented below…

The Titles

First of all it’s good to see that this will be the full crew of Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa. Titles are as follows:

  • April – Eldrad Must Die!: the return of Eldrad in a Marc Platt story set in the fishing town of Ambermouth
  • May – The Lady of Mercia: a Paul Magrs story set in the Dark Ages and is a pure historical featuring the fictional Queen Æthelfrid, daughter of Alfred the Great. Most curious and provoking will be her connection to a certain Dr Tegan Jovanka – yes Dr you read it right
  • June – Prisoners of Fate: a Jonathan Morris story that closes the loop back to Cobwebs (also by Jonathan Morris). Remember that Nyssa is 50 years older than when she left in Terminus and her past catches up with her on a prison planet with ‘heartbreaking consequences’.

I’m looking forward to all of these, and most of all the June release to understand the secrets of Nyssa’s life since she first left.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Fifth Doctor trilogy for 2013 revealed

  1. Haven’t yet tried this string of audios. Don’t really like the idea of Nyssa having recently left, and then the impact of her departure being ruined by having the crew traveling with her when she’s older.


    • I didn’t really consider that when I listened to cobwebs – I think it works and is a narrative thread that I believe Jonathan Morris pulls on in the last of this trilogy.

      In 2012’s Emerald Tiger Nyssa managed to get made to look younger – just to confuse those she left behind!


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