Big Finish Christmas Sale 2012 – initial news

On the Big Finish forums we learn that there will be another sale this Christmas (that makes at least one a month doesn’t it?) and for a change there were no details in Vortex.

The details are to be announced on the website, and it will be a ’12 Days of Christmas’ theme, which no doubt means daily options across all the ranges. This means careful planning of web access for anyone travelling to visit relatives over the holiday period!

To keep things moving along, there is a chance this weekend (8th – 9th December 2012) to get Counter: Measures Series 1 at its pre-release price. If early 60s / 70s British sci-fi with a mix of Quatermass / Prisoner / Avengers is your scene, give it a go!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aidan Brack says:

    Thanks for posting about this and giving us the heads up! I’m hoping to see some early companion chronicles in there to give me a chance to fill some gaps. 🙂


    1. Tony says:

      Same here!


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