Queen Nefertiti

Another in the occasional Inconstant Companions highlights Queen Nefertiti as played by Riann Steele in the Eleventh Doctor story Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (reviewed here).

She is clearly very nearly a companion; she travelled in the TARDIS and had opportunity for more than one adventure. We only saw here within the context of one episode so her true status is unclear (as is that of Riddell) but I note that Amy Pond does in the episode ask the Doctor if Nefertiti and Riddell are the new ‘us’ meaning her and Rory. The Doctor manages to avoid the issue but I take this as a maybe.

Why the acclaim?

She works well with the Doctor, adapts to situations, is unfazed by the leap from ancient Egypt to a spaceship full of dinosaurs. She was well played by Riann (maybe with echoes of Liz X from The Beast Below). Apart from a tendency to wearing large headgear she is well suitable to being a companion though maybe would need to dress warmer!

Chances of a return

Nefertiti ended up with Riddell at the end of Dinosaurs but I well imagine there will at least be a scene or two with her later in the series. Will she travel in the TARDIS again? Well as Jenna-Louise Coleman is the new companion I suspect not in the near future.

Thoughts? Any chance of a Big Finish story?

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