What Nefertiti did next (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship reviewed)

As Dinosaurs on a Spaceship approaches (see official site here) I take a few moments to get ready to blog by pulling together some thoughts. I enjoyed Asylum of the Daleks (reviewed here) and wonder if the pace can be maintained. I also suspect that the whole dinosaurs thing is a hook for a few effects and that most of the story is an Indiana Jones style romp on a massive spaceship. I have picked the Queen Nefertiti (as played by Riann Steele) picture as I suspect there is a time travelling collector at work and that this will turn out to be pivotal. No doubt the Doctor has met Nefertiti before and may have some unfinished business!

See you all after the break and after Saturday night!


As I predicted (you get it right sometimes) this was the story of what Queen Nefertiti did when she ran off with the Doctor, met the Ponds (including Rory’s dad), helped rid the galaxy of the evil Solomon, left the Doctor for Riddell largely due to his handling of Dinosaurs on the Silurian Ark, ignored two robots characterised by Mitchell and Webb and generally had a good time!

No universes were saved, the fabric of history was not threatened and there were lots of dinosaurs on the spaceship! A romp of a Doctor Who episode in fact!

Queen Nefertiti

This was her story and she was wonderfully played by Riann Steele with some echoes of Liz X from The Beast Below (reviewed here). Historically Nefertiti did (possibly) vanish from history so this is not entirely unreasonable as a destiny. Good banter with Amy and an all round decent performance

Everyone Else

The Doctor: Saved the day, had fun, demonstrated his new-found anonymity and clearly has some unresolved concerns re: Amy’s destiny

The Ponds: Amy was good, it was convincing that she would reason out the Silurian Ark piece and got on well with Nefertiti and Riddell; Rory did a few bits and didn’t get killed

Riddell: a larger than life hunter / explorer who got the weapon and the girl. We wonder what else he has done with the Doctor

Brian: A nice part (and one of two Harry Potter actors) and a decent use of he and Rory to fly the ship

Solomon: A thoroughly evil character (played by another Harry Potter actor) who got the fate he deserved

Robot 1 and Robot 2: Mitchell and Webb were great fun and had a proper part in the story

Gripes and moans

Allowing Solomon to die (OK, executing him all but directly) came across as grim but he certainly deserved it. Not really a gripe, but then I liked this story and nothing struck me as wrong on first watch.


I really liked this, it was a fun romp that delivered everything it needed to. I suspect next week’s A Town Called Mercy may be a bit more grim. The whole Silurian Ark concept worked well for me. Nice to see big gaps between episodes and other stories (what has he been doing with Riddell and Nefertiti?) Also this had a lot of characters all of whom did something

Anyway, what did you think – hit or miss?

6 thoughts on “What Nefertiti did next (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship reviewed)

      • Make that three. This has been my favorite of the season so far (after three episodes). I loved the rompish quality it had and the guest cast were all superb.
        Color me pleasantly surprised too by the quality of the SFX. The dinosaurs looked excellent and well above my expectations.
        My only major gripe was the extreme convenience of the one time the Doctor meets Brian, he brings him along to a situation that requires a father and son working together to fix. Still, he was a great character! 🙂


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