Could we get the Further Fantastical Adventures of Captain Avery?

Captain AveryWith the recent new-Who announcements from Big Finish, and the hint of more to come, I wondered what else we might be expecting and out of those what would I must want to listen to. I’ll start with the most likely, The Paternoster Gang, then cast my net wider.

My thoughts are below — do let me know your views.

The Paternoster Gang

Surely this will happen, the only obstacle to Strax, Vastra and Jenny being the hope of a TV (or cartoon/ comic) spin-off instead. Dan Starkey does lots for Big Finish already (and bafflegab) and I can’t imagine the rest would be difficult to recruit. The possibility of a cross-over with Jago & Litefoot should excite anybody.

For me, all the ideas lacks is originality as fans have wondered about a Paternoster spin-off for years.

Captain Avery

Cast your mind back to Curse of the Black Spot and the fate of Captain Avery and his crew after the events of A Good Man Goes to War. Hugh Bonneville would draw interest (and was in Angel of Scutari). Big Finish loves pirates (as do I). This could involve lots of new planets, links to random bits of Big Finish canon and mush else besides.

Nefertiti and John Riddell

Queen Nefertiti (Riann Steele) and John Riddell (Rupert Graves) are a ready made story. They left Dinosaurs on a Spaceship as a classic ill-matched couple destined to have hours of drama misunderstanding each other before finally settling down to a happy ending.


What do you think? Who would like to join the ranks of Big Finish ranges? Let me know!

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