Big Finish Day 2018

It’s being reported (but not [yet] by Big Finish) that Big Finish Day 2018 will be in Derby on November 3rd. It is being held in conjunction with the Derby fan group The Whoovers, and will be held at the Quad. No details on price or guests. I’ll keep you posted and see you there.

Details of Big Finish Day 2018 from FaceBook

We are thrilled to be able to announce that our good friends at Big Finish Productions have asked the team behind the successful Whooverville conventions to work with them on bringing back a very special event that has been missing from the schedules for the last couple of years.

BIG FINISH DAY 2018 is taking place on Saturday November 3rd 2018, in Derby, at Quad, the home of Whooverville.

You can expect all the fun of previous BF days, together with that special something that our attendees tell us has made Whooverville such a special event over the past eight years.

There will be panels, autograph and photo sessions, writing workshops, a live podcast recording and of course the opportunity to invest in any Big Finish CDs that you may have missed along the way, at the official Big Finish stall – where there are usually some juicy bargains to pick up.

Be assured that there will be special guests a-plenty, not only from Doctor Who, but also from the many other fabulous ranges of Big Finish audio dramas and audiobooks. Of course we are not in the position to be able to announce any names yet, but we hope to do so very soon.

The Whoovers Group and the Whooverville team are so proud to have been asked to bring back this wonderful convention. We look forward to working with Nicholas Briggs and the Big Finish team and hope that those of you who have enjoyed previous Big Finish Days, as well as those of you who love Whooverville will want to come along for a very special day at QUAD.

Tickets will go on sale shortly, from QUAD Box Office – watch out for news of that.

Don’t forget too, Whooverville X, Saturday September 1st, also at Derby Quad, tickets on sale now from

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