Could Michael French be TARDIS bound?

Michael FrenchThe latest Doctor Who rumour (as I write) is of Bradley Walsh being a companion for Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. There’s some logic to this idea (eg the MetroBradley Walsh is tipped to travel in the Tardis) even if they can’t capitalise TARDIS correctly. This includes Chris Chibnall having worked with Bradley before and his appearance in the Sarah Jane Adventures. This made me wonder who else might fit the bill. Enter Michael French…

Michael French time traveller

He meets all the criteria for a rumour. First off he worked with Chris Chibnall on the series Born and Bred, appearing in 26 episodes as Dr Tom Gilder. He’s older than Jodie so meets the proposed older male companion to apparently younger (but not really) female Doctor.

Not only that, but in 1997 he starred as DI Jeff Slade in Anthony Horowitz’s time travel detective show Crime Traveller.

Now I’ve just made this up, but to my mind it has some degree of plausibility. Remember — you read it here first!

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