Who will play the new Missy?

missyAll the talk of Peter Capaldi leaving and Chris Chibnall taking over Doctor Who has overlooked something. What about Missy? The Master has had any number of incarnations and already sneaked past the limit of twelve without half the fuss the Doctor endured. We know change is inevitable, and while I’ve enjoyed Michelle Gomez, I predict she to will move on under the new regime.

Who, then, might take over?

The new Missy

missyWe’ve already bridged the gender gap between John Simm and Michelle Gomez, and it seems to me any number of the names proposed for the Thirteenth Doctor could also be the next Missy, including:

  • Sue Perkins
  • Olivia Colman
  • Tilda Swinton.

Now Sue has reacted to the idea of joining the show several times as flattered but not suitable (eg on The Last Leg). I also don’t see the others taking the part (no good reason, just a feel), The part could revert to a man, but I wonder about somebody like Lenora Crichlow? Good credentials, hasn’t (apart from Big Finish) been in Doctor Who, so who knows?

What do you think? Will Missy regenerate? Who into? Let me know!

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