Thoughts ahead of The Return of Doctor Mysterio

doctor-who-nardole-christmas-2016So, the 2016 Christmas Doctor Who  story, The Return of Doctor Mysterio has been aired for press; I quite liked the Telegraph’s first look reviewWith the day itself approaching, here are my thoughts about the episode (and I haven’t seen it)…

Superheroes in Doctor Who

Many fans have been vocal about this based on some clips, prejudice about Moffat and outrage at the idea of costumed superheroes. While I get where they are coming from, I have to point out the show is already packed with aliens, robots, advanced tech, psychic powers and much else. Like many fans I baulk at going as far as magic, and do feel the show has transgressed, but a guy in a costume with super-tech giving the effect of flight / strength can work for me.

Superheroes can be deus ex machina cop-outs, but let’s just watch and find out?

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