Massive Big Finish competition

Big Finish Big 200Here’s a thing, the mark the 200th main range title, Big Finish has been polling listeners for favourite episodes. The final 20 are now available for voting, and one lucky voter will win all 200 main range titles (download only)! The list and the vote are: THE BIG 200 – CHOOSE YOUR NUMBER ONE DOCTOR WHO MAIN RANGE RELEASE!

My thoughts below…

The list

My immediate surprise is how much of the range was covered, with ten titles in the first 100 and ten in the second. Here’s the detail:

14. The Holy Terror by Robert Shearman

16. Storm Warning by Alan Barnes

29. The Chimes of Midnight by Robert Shearman

34. Spare Parts by Marc Platt

43. Doctor Who and the Pirates by Jacqueline Rayner

48. Davros by Lance Parkin

65. The Juggernauts by Scott Alan Woodard

72. Terror Firma by Joseph Lidster

81. The Kingmaker by Nev Fountain

91. Circular Time by Paul Cornell and Mike Maddox

103. The Girl Who Never Was by Alan Barnes

104. The Bride of Peladon by Barnaby Edwards

123. The Company of Friends by Lance Parkin, Stephen Cole, Alan Barnes and Jonathan Morris

140. A Death in the Family by Steven Hall

149. Robophobia by Nicholas Briggs

153. The Silver Turk by Mark Platt

169. The Wrong Doctors by Matt Fitton

178. 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men by Eddie Robson

194. The Rani Elite by Justin Richards

199. Last of the Cybermen by Alan Barnes

For my money, you could have bet your mortgage on these ones being picked:

  • Storm Warning
  • Chimes of Midnight
  • Spare Parts
  • Pirates
  • Kingmaker
  • Death in the Family

Of the others there are several very good titles, and I’m pleased they got mentions:

  • Company of Friends (at least for Mary’s Story)
  • Silver Turk (Mary Shelley again!)
  • Fanfare for the Common Men

I think it’s too soon to call out Rani Elite or Last of the Cybermen, just my view. Of the others, a couple I personally don’t like but really it’s as good a top 20 as many others I’ve seen.


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