Could o’Donnell be the next companion?

odonnellSince the departure of Jenna Coleman from the role of Clara has been confirmed, I’ve been wondering who might replace her. My current theory is o’Donnell from Under the Lake as played by Morven Christie. I have my reasons…First remember when Jenna Coleman joined; the departure of Karen Gillan was made public and the casting of Jenna also shared before she appeared. Yes she surprised us in Asylum of  the Daleks, but she wasn’t a stranger. She did take a while longer to join properly! My point is Clara appeared before she became a companion. Since that thought I’ve been looking out for candidate characters, and first up is o’Donnell. She may be from UNIT (not sure the anti-soldier thing is a big deal this series) and a bit fangirl, but the character has potential.

My other reason is complete nonsense; Jenna is leaving to play Queen Victoria; Morven once played a young Victoria!

What more proof do you need! What do you think? Could o’Donnell join the TARDIS crew as a companion?

Let me know!

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  1. Rob says:

    I wish it would be, but it seems less than likely now.


    1. Tony Jones says:


      Thanks for dropping by; I guess (unless she does an Osgood) we’ve seen the last of o’Donnell


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