General notes from Big Finish Day 6

Nick David and Jason at BFDay 6Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Jason Haigh-Ellery took time to give some updates on business and take questions. These are my notes from that session and a couple of other bits. Apologies for the random nature – enjoy!

The Main Range

A while ago I speculated about the end of the main range. Jason didn’t go that far but did explain that with ~630 Doctor Who connected titles, the website is a challenge for newcomers. Boxsets are clearly easier for customers to focus on and the balance of main range vs boxsets is being thought about.

Wait for further news, nothing to get anxious about in the near future. If nothing else expect the website to get some re-focussing.

General Notes

Major announcements:

  • Words of Big Finish (see here)
  • Something exciting will be announced in the next DWM
  • A new companion and boxset(s) for the Eighth Doctor The Doom Coalition
  • There will be (at least) Jago & Litefoot Twelve!
  • Gallifrey Enemy Lines (see here)

There was a lot of conversation about what titles fans might like Big Finish to produce in the future. Amongst the highlights were:

  • When is Colin getting a Sixth Doctor boxset (though he was in some Jago & Litefoot)
  • There will be more titles produced from other Virgin New Adventures but no specific sequence / choices made
  • Star Cops is popular with Jason Haigh-Ellery and I was surprised a lot of the audience raised their hands
  • X-files would be popular though as David Richardson said don’t forget The Omega Factor was there first
  • No sign of Quatermass though Nick would like the role for TV!
  • No word on Avengers beyond the current first TV season
  • Jasper Fforde was popular with audience unknown to Nick, David and Jason
  • Benny will probably not be back except with the Doctor for a while (though note The Worlds of Big Finish) as sales of the stand-alones have dropped
  • Flash Gordon could work
  • No word on further Classics though Nick has adapted Jekyll and Hyde for stage

The website had a few bugs mentioned and one-click purchase will be coming.

In talking around I gather that everyone is very busy and productions are spread over five studios at present.

Blake’s 7 series D is a rights minefield so no sign of Scorpio appearing any day soon.

The writers’ workshop was excellent – thanks to Simon Guerrier (and his glamorous assistant John Dorney). I will write it up elsewhere (ie my writing blog).


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