Fifth Doctor boxset Starburst review

Fifth Doctor Boxset StarburstHere’s a link to my Starburst review of the Fifth Doctor Boxset. Another view on when Adric returned to the TARDIS and how the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa all fit together.

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  1. Elizabeth Thorne says:

    Regarding, “Iterations of I”…

    Liked it, overall. A few things struck me.
    – Shouldn’t the title be “Iterations of i”?
    – Think the story was the strongest part. It really felt like a 5th Doctor story to me.
    – Thought the biggest weakness was being too self conscious. At times almost like their mental image was of sitcom actors getting applause for stepping onto the set. The puns were funny, but at a point there were too many…and then the one with Tegan saying, “I haven’t understood you since you had curls and a scarf” I thought totally jumped the shark. She knew the 4th Dr. for what? 3 days?
    – Matthew Waterhouse really is necessary for the chemistry; I thought it had a balance that the ones without him haven’t. The story was a great one for Adric.
    – I thought it was well paced

    Definitely enjoyable for me. If they get over the “we’re back together” feel it could get as good as anything they’ve ever done, imho.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      It probably should be of i or even of i but the mathematics did get somewhat stretched plus that would have rather spoilered it, don’t you think?


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