The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson review

I had the chance to review the latest set of BBC Doctor Who books, marking the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor. First up is Juno Dawson’s The Good Doctor. The cover gives some clues, but not so as to spoil the reading.

Guy Adams interview in Starburst

In the most recent Starburst Magazine (the Bladerunner 2049 issue) I have a two-page interview with Guy Adams, in which he talks Big Finish and more. If you do read it, let me know what you think. Feel free, as well, to drop me ideas for other interviews you’d like. +++ Message Ends +++

Tenth Doctor Adventure release date

Big Finish has given more details and the release date (May 16, 2016) for the first set of Tenth Doctor Adventures. I mention this as in the latest Starburst Magazine (for which I am Audio Drama Editor) I have a feature on David Tennant’s work for Big Finish as far as it touches on Doctor Who. It’s…

Diary of River Song Series 1 Starburst review

I took a look at the Diary of River Song Series 1 on the Starburst website – plenty to like and roll on the next instalment! The review is: THE DIARY OF RIVER SONG: SERIES 1. *+* Message Ends *+*

Return to Telos review on Starburst

I enjoyed Return to Telos and felt it brought Fate of Krelos to life in all the ways I’d hoped. My Starburst review for Nick Brigg’s almost two Doctor story is here: RETURN TO TELOS (DOCTOR WHO). oxo Message Ends oxo

Win the first 50 main range titles with Starburst

A competition to win the first 50 main range titles (download only) on Starburst. The closing date is midnight August 16, 2015 UK time. Details here: WIN the First 50 DOCTOR WHO Digital Audio Adventures with BIG FINISH. +++ Message Ends +++

Starburst review of We Are the Daleks

I reviewed We Are the Daleks for Starburst: WE ARE THE DALEKS. As I said here, this is a great Seventh Doctor and Mel story, written by Jonathan Morris. -=- Message Ends -=-

Starburst review of Erimem: The Last Pharaoh

I reviewed the Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett book Erimem: The Last Pharaoh on Starburst. Erimem is far from my favourite character but even so this book has some merits. The review is: here. — Message Ends —

Blogtor Who’s Big Book of Lists reviewed on Starburst

I’ve just had the absolute pleasure of reviewing Blogtor Who‘s latest book – the Unofficial Doctor Who Big Book of Lists for Starburst. The review is here: UNOFFICIAL DOCTOR WHO: THE BIG BOOK OF LISTS. Cameron McEwan has produced an excellent book and it is superbly illustrated by Andrew Skilleter. -+- Unmissable -+-

Companion Piece reviewed on Starburst

I just reviewed a book due out in April – Companion Piece a diverting set of essays edited together by LM Myles and Liz Barr. I enjoyed this and if you are even vaguely considering picking up a copy then I encourage you to do so. The review is: COMPANION PIECE (DOCTOR WHO). As usual, comments welcome!…

The Exxilons Starburst review

Here’s my Starburst review of Nick Briggs story The Exxilons, the first is the new Fourth Doctor Adventures range. I liked this story for the Fourth Doctor, Leela and K9 though others didn’t. Let me know what you thought! … Message Ends …

Big Finish Day 6 – Starburst Report

I produced a report on Big Finish Day 6 for Starburst Event Report: Sylvester McCoy at Big Finish Day 6 – Saturday, January 17th. Do let me know of anything you think I should have added! See you in September at Big Finish Day 7! *** Message Ends ***