Three to go – Will JK Rowling write for Doctor Who?

JK RowlingWith September dawned and the next Puffin e-short author / title to be revealed tomorrow (Tuesday) now seems a good time to wonder ‘Will JK Rowling write for Doctor Who?’ It is known that she was asked to write for the TV show but declined; with Puffin allowing well-known children’s authors to produce short stories it seems reasonable to ask the question again.

I thought I would consider the chances that she might produce a story and if so which Doctor would it be?

Might JK Rowling write a Doctor Who short story?

I think the answer to this is yes – JK Rowling is obvious first and foremost a children’s writer and even though she has produced some adult works (including under a pen name) she also does rise to the occasion. She took part in the Olympic opening ceremony and has produced short stories for charity. I suspect the Doctor Who 50th would appeal and that this might happen. Yes in 2004 she was asked by RTD and refused to write for the TV but this is a simpler proposition.

Which Doctor might JK Rowling write for?

Others have speculated that it might be David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor; I am convinced that if it happens she would pen the final story in the series so that would be the Eleventh Doctor unless a very cunning extra Twelfth Doctor story appears for Christmas!

What do you think? Do you want JK Rowling to write for Doctor Who? Which Doctor do you think she would suit? Let me know!

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