Dark Eyes on the Moon

Dark Eyes Pen PicI once read Nick Briggs talking about Dalek Empire; he commented that it had been described as his concept album. With that thought very much to the fore, it occurred to me that it might be possible to provide a more prog rock sound track. [UPDATE – there is also a Dylan track called Dark Eyes on the album Empire Burlesque.] [UPDATE – this piece was mentioned by Nick Briggs on the Big Finish Podcast November 2012 #3]

Welcome to Dark Eyes, re-mixed with the music of Pink Floyd. Welcome to Dark Eyes on the Moon!

Part 1 The Great War – Breathe / Us and Them

The battlefield of France in World War I work well with Breathe. We have mustard gas clouds and other mysterious fog based threats. When we reach the château being used as a hospital we explore Molly’s relationship with her mistress / friend and the English Class themes of Us and Them are recollected.

Part 2 The Fugitives – Money / On the Run

Although this is largely about our heroes fleeing the Daleks, there is a segment set in London which is heavily dependent on large sums of Money. For the most, though, our the  Eighth Doctor and Molly are definitely On the Run.

Part 3 The Tangled Web – Time / Brain Damage

Now we get the unfolding mystery of the Dalek destiny ad Molly’s past. Time is very much the theme, though the continual high frequency sonic attack does threaten the Doctor with Brain Damage.

Part 4 X and the Daleks – Welcome to the Machine / Great Gig in the Sky / Eclipse

And now the dénouement. We enter the chamber of The Machine and learn of the plans to destroy the Time Lords (sending them to that Great Gig in the Sky). Needless to say there is a resolution and we end with the realisation that everything we knew has been Eclipsed and there is in fact no Dark Eyes on the Moon at all.

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