Just like a movie poster!

So the countdown to 01092012 continues and we are soon to be treated to the first episode of a new season for the Eleventh Doctor! We are promised a sort of ‘back to basics’ with less of the story arc and more of a set of movies, each with its own ‘movie poster’ [apologies for all the naff quotes].

I grabbed this shot from BBC America who I must just say do produce a lot of good material on Doctor Who and are well worth a look every now and again. Meanwhile it must be time for some uninformed speculation on the new series, so stay tuned after the break…


On the topic of ‘no more story arcs’ I say balderdash! Of course there will be some really clever story across them all. Why, well:

  • We know the Ponds leave for Christmas to allow for the new companion (mentioned here) so this is a theme (we even see a very limp Amy in the trailer for Asylum)
  • Yes story arcs do get in the way to an extent but we have always had them
  • Steven Moffatt loves to show how clever he is (e.g. the tweet ‘gotcha’ at the end of Sherlock – gosh he’s alive, never saw that coming)
  • We know that the ultimate question Doctor Who will be answered
  • The 50th anniversary is approaching!

I think the Ponds might die (even Rose got trapped in a parallel world she managed to escape from a bit), or at least get ‘time locked’ in such a way that they can’t be involved again (whatever that means). River may also get a last appearance – that also feels done at the moment.

I still don’t understand why the TARDIS exploded, nor why Amy didn’t remember the Daleks so these also need an answer (in my mind).

Anyway, what do you guys think?

6 thoughts on “Just like a movie poster!

  1. I’m actually pretty excited for the new season. While I hate Ten, I LOVE Eleven and always look forward to his adventures.

    I personally hope Amy and Rory get a happy ending, or at east something bitter sweet.


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