Stuart Manning poster for The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Yes, new series. new Doctor and we still have the delights of Stuart Manning‘s posters! It’s simply stated, lovely typeface for the title and up to his usual standard if less ‘flat’. His The Woman Who Fell to Earth is hopefully the first of many! I do like his strap-line: Time, Space, … Sheffield! +++ Message Ends…

Dead Planet poster from Stuart Manning

Stuart Manning has just produced a poster for Doctor Who and the Daleks aka The Dead Planet. No word yet on whether he will be doing posters for Jodie Whittaker’s run of the series, but let’s hope so! +++ Message Ends +++

Stuart Manning Enemy of the World poster

With twitch (whatever that is) streaming the Second Doctor at the moment, here’s the Stuart Manning Enemy of the World poster. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++

Stuart Manning Night of the Doctor poster

A bit random, perhaps, but most welcome is Stuart Manning‘s new poster for the Paul McGann swan song as the Eighth Doctor, Night of the Doctor. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++

Stuart Manning’s Twice Upon a Time poster

Stuart Manning has produced a poster for Twice Upon a Time, and it’s on his twitter feed (here) and Facebook. The poster is very Christmassy, even if it says little about the episode itself. I hope Stuart continues these next year! *** Message Ends ***

Stuart Manning’s Green Death poster

Another poster from Stuart Manning, this time the Third Doctor story The Green Death. Rather out of the blue, but it transpires it’s his favourite story! +++ Message Ends +++

Stuart Manning 2-18 calendar

I’m a big fan of Stuart Manning’s art work, and pleased to see a 2018 calendar now available. It’s called the Retro Visions Calendar 2018 and available now to pre-order. — Message Ends —

Stuart Manning’s Thirteenth Doctor design

The latest DWM is out (you might have noticed, it has a certain Jodie Whittaker on the cover!) and Stuart Manning has created a gorgeous Thirteenth Doctor design for it. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++

Penguin announces 100 Illustrated Adventures

Something exciting from Penguin Books: 100 Illustrated Adventures. What makes this notable is it’s 100 episodes chosen across Doctor Who, from the First to the Twelfth Doctors, with each illustrated by either a fan or professional artist and also including facts about the episode.

Stuart Manning poster for The Doctor Falls

Back after a short gap, here’s the Stuart Manning poster for The Doctor Falls. His FaceBook page lists ways to buy in poster / T-shirt form, along with his other works. Brilliant as ever! *** Message Ends ***

Enter the War Master!

Big Finish has announced Sir Derek Jacobi in a boxset as The War Master! The news item (and there are other announcements as well) is: DEREK JACOBI RETURNS AS THE WAR MASTER! In my mind, it’s an excellent concept, a great set of writers (Nick Briggs, Guy Adams, James Goss and new writer Janine H Jones)….